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Euro Technology is part of the well known Abu Dhabi Group ; Euro Technology has strengthened its play and expanded its presence in the regional Security solutions, services and support market by building long term relationships with customers and principals.    

Since its inception in 2000, Euro Technology has been growing from strength to strength blending the latest of technology with impeccable business acumen and meeting the most challenging requirements of fast–evolving security technology integrators landscape through strategic joint ventures, world class vendor alliances, extensive and strategic vertical focus and a well trained and talented workforce. 

 Today, Euro Technology provides a wide range of fully integrated security technology based business solutions that addresses almost the entire market spectrum, spanning various verticals like Military, VVIP Palaces ,  Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Government, SEMI Government , Education, and Private sectors backed by high quality customer Support.

Core Euro Technology entities are:

Euro Technology Product Provider (EPP): strategic alliances with leading global hardware and software vendors, strong and wide spread Channel base, Regional call centers and professionals in Sales and Support. This has enabled Euro Technology to be a leader in the regional security business.

Euro Technology Enterprise Solutions (EES) provides quality driven enterprise infrastructure solutions and services on SLA basis with ready resources to plan and implement the entire Physical Security System setup



System Integration and Innovation (Si2) enables its customers to implement a scalable, adaptive, and comprehensive physical security strategy that helps them execute their core business efficiently.


Consultation, Analytical and Projects division offers a wide range of products consultations  from leading international manufacturers and has a successful track record of providing solutions and services to Military , government , Simi-Government & VVIP palaces in the UAE for over one decade.

Physical Security Auditor (PSA) : offers Auditing physical Audit for any system through Engineering Division , having for than 10 years experience in the same field.

Looking ahead, Euro Technology is set on the road to move forward with a clear vision, a sound and consistent strategy, financial strength and an unwavering focus on serving the customers with revolutionary state-of-the-art solutions, by the integration of stable and state-of-art technology, qualified and experienced experts, quality services and a long term commitment that exceed expectations.








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